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26 July
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Welcome to my brand-spankin-new Icon Journal! Well anyway Just leave me a comment and I'll add you up here so you can view my icons and take them and what not Sooo...here are the rules!!

1. Don't hurt other peoples feelings....IF you don't have something nice to say then don't say it!!
2.CREDIT!!! If you don't credit I will tell everyone in the world that you are an icon stealer....and you wouldn't want that would you?
3. If you have a request please give me some time to make it, kay? I have lots of other things to do...but if I say I'll make it then I will.

1.When you request please state the following things in this order: What you want the icon or Friend only banner to say, Font, Font Color, if you want it to look or do something special, animated or not. ((Leave a brief description of how you want it to look, ok?))
2.PROVIDE THE PICTURES!!! If you don't provide the pictures then you are risking the icon. Cause if you tell me to make an icon of something don't know....chances are that it'll take me a while. So jsut make things easy for me, kay?
3.Check with me to make sure I have the font that you want me to use...if I don't then I will just use whatever font I think looks right.
4.CREDIT! If you don't credit I'll be quite angry and I'll make sure that everyone knows that you are an icon stealer.

and JOIN MY COMMUNITY!! XDviant_IconsX

DDR is love.